The Youth Services Center (YSC) provides 24/7 care of youth ordered into the facility through the Rock County Juvenile Court. The YSC is comprised of both Secure Detention and Shelter Care.

The Secure Detention portion of the YSC provides secure care of youth who have been deemed a danger to the community and require secure detainment.

Accepting change by Taking Immediate Ownership of New Skills (ACTIONS)

ACTIONS is a program through Rock County’s Youth Services Center that is designed to help youth ages 12 to 17 choose a new path and stay focused on the positive aspects of their life.


The ACTIONS Program team is committed to providing a safe and therapeutic learning environment that will strengthen family relationships and promote youth success, through developing trusting relationships and building youth skills.


  • Reduce recidivism upon completion of the program
  • Break down thinking barriers that encourage criminal thinking and tendencies
  • Strengthen coping strategies to reduce risk and promote self-efficacy
  • Develop a positive support network to include family, friends, and peers
  • Improve academic performance both while at YSC and after release