Rock County Children, Youth and Families Division
Mission and Core Values

Mission Statement

The mission of Children, Youth and Families Division is to empower families and youth by building upon strengths through services and relationships that center on family, encourage hope and establish a supportive team that ensures safety within the family and community.

Core Values

Safety—Service to children, youth and families is our fundamental reason for being. We strive to engage and empower through family centered, strength based and trauma-informed services.

Permanence & Stability—Children and youth need and have the right to lifelong nurturing and secure relationships that are provided by families who can meet their specific needs. Efforts to identify and secure permanency are continuous and integrated into all stages of involvement with children, youth and families.

Cultural Responsiveness—We take an inclusive approach that reflects awareness of, sensitivity to and respect for the lifestyle and cultural background of families served.

Partnerships—Collaboration with families, service providers and community organizations to create supportive, meaningful, sustainable connections.

Practice—We use a comprehensive, evidence based and team based approach to meet the changing needs in our community and families.