Carey Guides Program   A 1:1 skill-building or group based program. The Carey Guides program takes a strength-based approach to engage youth in skill-building activities that focus on a youth’s identified risk factors. Staff meets with youth on a weekly basis over the course of six months for 1:1 skill building and 8 weeks of group intervention. The Curriculum topics include:

1. Anger
2. Anti-Social Thinking
3. Moral Reasoning
4. Empathy
5. Overcoming Family Challenges
6. Anti-Social Associates
7. Maximizing Strengths

Community Service – Open to all youth currently on supervision. Community service sites are located throughout Rock County. Youth and parents meet with staff in order to review the community service order and to set-up the youth with a community service site. (Staff do not track community service hours for municipal tickets.)

Developing & Inspiring Values Among Sisters (DIVAS) – This group meets weekly to inspire teenage girls to see themselves for who they really are focusing on the physical, sexual, intellectual, relational, emotional, spiritual and cultural aspects of their development. The group is open to girls with a desire to enhance self-esteem and self-confidence, to build leadership skills, to learn about healthy relationships and teen issues. The girls will have opportunities to participate in group activities, discussion and take advantage of workshops and group speakers.

Evening Report – For youth ages 11-17 who violate their court order while on supervision. This alternative action targets youth who violate by committing a status offense or first time/low level drug offense. Youth work on strengthening social skills, completing community service, and /or have some assistance with homework. Evening Report is held 3 days per week for 2 hours each day.