Properties For Sale

Once a year, typically in October, the County Treasurer holds a public auction to sell the properties the County has foreclosed on following the In Rem Foreclosure of Tax Liens. (WI Stats. 75.521)

  • No bids for less than the listed sale price will be accepted.
  • Purchaser must pay foreclosure expenses and recording fees in addition to bid amount.
  • Purchaser is responsible for the current year property tax bill and future tax bills.
  • County will record the Quit Claim Deed and Title Transfer form with the Register of Deeds.
  • Purchaser is responsible for obtaining his or her own title insurance if desired.
  • Purchaser should check with the municipality for allowed use of property, as well as future special assessments or special charges, including delinquent utilities, due on the property prior to bidding. Example: Special assessment for sewer or water -- 10 year bond. 6 years of 10 years has already appeared on tax bills. Balance of 10-year bond or 4 years is the responsibility of the purchaser.
  • 10% down payment is required by noon on the day of the auction by personal check, money order, cash or certified check. Balance of amount is due 10 days after day of purchase. Balance is payable by cash, money order or certified check. Failure to pay the balance within 10 days will result in the forfeiture of the down payment.
  • The right to accept or reject any or all bids is reserved. Persons owning property in Rock County with Redemption taxes due Rock County are barred from bidding upon or purchasing the tax lien sale properties.
  • Prior owner(s) whose property was foreclosed upon are barred from bidding upon or purchasing any property they allowed to become foreclosed through the Wisconsin tax lien foreclosure procedure.
  • EPA guidelines require the Treasurer to provide a booklet on lead paint and the disclosure of information notice to all purchasers of property with a house built prior to 1978.
  • The county has notified all occupants, of which it was aware, of property that was foreclosed upon that they are to vacate the property and to remove all their personal property before the sale date. This property is being sold by quit claim deed. If you purchase property at this sale, you are responsible for the property and any occupants that may still occupy that property.