Contact Information

  • Rock County OWI Treatment Court Program 
  • Rock County Human Service Dept.
  • 1717 Center Ave Suite 260
  • Janesville, WI 53546
  • Phone 608-743-2258
  • Fax 608-741-5219


About the Program

The Rock County OWI Court's mission is to improve public safety by producing sober drivers. The Court incorporates research driven principles and accountability to save money, lives, and create a better community. It is a voluntary, post-adjudication specialty court created to reduce recidivism by allowing OWI 3rd Offense defendants to participate in sub-stance abuse treatment under judicial and community supervision.

It is a four-phase program consisting of intensive supervision of defendants by a case manager and probation officer, frequent appearances before the OWI Court judge, individualized drug/alcohol treatment, other treatment/ counseling as necessary, random drug testing, home visits, and sup-port group attendance. Participants are required to be on electronic monitoring/Sobrietor through Probation. AODA treatment and case management will be provided by the Rock County Human Services Department. Monitoring and linking to collateral services will continue through-out all phases of the program. OWI Court will also work in con-cert with the Intoxicated Driver Program in an effort to secure participants' licenses.