About the Circuit Court

  • Wisconsin's counties are grouped into 10 judicial administrative districts.
  • There is a Supreme Court appointed chief judge in each district, who may serve up to three consecutive two-year terms and who supervises and directs the administration of the district.
  • Each chief judge appoints a deputy chief judge to act in the event of his or her absence or unavailability.
  • A professional district court administrator and a court management assistant assist the chief judge.

Divisions of Circuit Court

  • The seven branches of Rock County Circuit Court are divided into three divisions: Civil, Criminal, and Juvenile
  • Three branches are designated for civil cases, three branches are assigned to criminal matters, and one branch is appointed to hear juvenile matters.

Jurisdiction of the Circuit Court

  • Circuit Courts have original jurisdiction in all civil and criminal matters written within the state, including probate, juvenile, and traffic matters, as well as civil and criminal jury trials.

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