About the award:

Daycares are pivotal in providing an environment that is safe, healthy, and optimal for learning. They provide children with the emotional, cognitive, and language skills necessary to grow. They provide the assistance needed to be able to care for themselves with “real life” skills such as using silverware or potty-training. Daycares are also the first step in ensuring children are fully vaccinated. Vaccines protect children from serious illness and complications that could hinder their growth and development.

In an effort to improve vaccination rates, The Rock County Public Health Department Tip Top Award, aims to support the collaborative engagement to improve vaccination rates in Rock County. The award honors daycares who achieve 100% compliance of all required vaccinations for all children in their daycare. We want the award to be in concert with meeting our goals of improving vaccination rates as well as ensuring daycares submit their annual immunization report to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services for all children in their daycare from ages 2-4.

How to be entered:

Daycares will be entered automatically once they submit their annual immunization report. Daycares who have submitted their report, with all children meeting the required vaccinations, will be provided an award for their achievement.

Award example: