As an agent of the State of Wisconsin, the Rock County Public Health Department permits the following lodging facilities:

  • Hotel/Motel - 5 or more rooms wherein sleeping accommodations are offered to transients
  • Bed and Breakfast – 8 or fewer rooms in an owner-occupied residence that serves only breakfast
  • Tourist Rooming House – any lodging place not listed above that offers sleeping accommodations, for pay, to tourists or transients

The Rock County Public Health Department licenses and inspects over 40 lodging facilities each year. Inspectors are responsible for ensuring licensed facilities maintain a safe, healthy environment for their customers and employees. Inspectors utilize their training and expertise to identify high-risk health hazards that put a citizen at risk for illness or injury. Corrective actions are ordered and follow-up inspections are conducted to ensure compliance. All complaints are investigated. Besides reactionary actions, inspectors also play a critical prevention role by providing education, training, and resources to operators.