Welcome to the Rock County District Attorney's Office

Who We Are

The District Attorney represents the interests of the citizens of the State of Wisconsin and the County of Rock. The primary role of the DA's Office is to prosecute all adult criminal and juvenile delinquent acts that occur within the 6 cities, 20 towns and 3 villages that make up Rock County. The District Attorney, an elected official, supervises all functions of the office. The District Attorney is assisted by one deputy district attorney, 13 assistant district attorneys, and approximately 30 support staff, which includes the Victim-Witness Program, Diversion/Domestic Violence Intervention Program, an investigator and clerical professionals.

Services and Functions of the District Attorney's Office

The Office of the District Attorney is created under Chapter 978, Wisconsin Statutes. The District Attorney and his staff prosecute:

  • Department of Natural Resources Violations
  • Forfeiture Actions
  • Juvenile Cases
  • Domestic Abuse and Harassment Cases
  • State and County Traffic Code and Ordinance Violations
  • State Criminal Matters

You may check on the date and time of an upcoming court appearance by going to the Wisconsin Court System website and following the directions there to get to a case.