Rock County Emotional and Social Support Programs
for Adults and All Family Caregivers

Anyone can register for any of these programs by emailing Cori Marsh at [email protected] or contacting calling Cori Marsh at 608-921-7165.  If you see a need that is not being met…please reach out and we will see how we can meet the need!  Remember we are here to provide services.

  • Mondays --- 10:00AM Caregiver Coffee Hour
  • Tuesdays --- 1:30PM Caregiver Support Group - Contact Cori or Julie S. at [email protected]
  • Tuesday Evenings ---6:00PM 1st and 3rd Week Caregiver Support Group
  • Wednesday --- 10:00AM Wacky Wednesday for Fun and Socialization - Contact Cori or Julie S. at [email protected]
  • Wednesday Afternoons --- 1:30PM Knowledge is Power Hour --- Educational Programming
    • JUNE 10 - Memory Concerns, When Should We Worry
    • JUNE 17 - Communication When Memory is Fading
    • JUNE 24 - Dementia Friends Training for Rock County
  • Thursdays --- 10:00AM Early Onset Memory Loss Caregiver Support Group
  • Thursday Evening --- First Thursday of Each Month at 6:00PM Virtual Pizza & Trivia - Contact Cori or Julie S. at [email protected]
  • Thursday Evenings --- 6:00PM 2nd and Last Thursday Caregiver Support Group
  • Fridays --- 1:30PM Afternoon Social Hour/Memory Cafe